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adaa Financial Services

We invite you to join us in our quest for growth and creating values using an approach to optimize the balance between risk and returns. This unique approach creates the optimal portfolio to achieve the highest risk adjusted returns.

Who We Are

We are a wealth & asset management company based in the heart of the DIFC and regulated by the DFSA.
AFS has set up key partnerships with leading local and global financial institutions allowing localized real time reach and knowledge on investment opportunities. Through its partnerships, AFS can advise and act on all asset classes across the board in all geographies.

At AFS we truly bring global financial markets to be at the disposal of our clients where each client will have a dedicated relationship manager to be the point of contact to provide advice, execution and handle any administrative matters.
On top of all asset classes, AFS has the knowledge and experience to engage in Venture Capital and Private Equity style investments diversifying away from standard assets.
At AFS we have a client centric approach that offers detailed planning based on a sophisticated risk and tenure profiling mechanism yielding advanced portfolio allocations to suit the needs of all investors based on their risk appetite.
Our experienced team has also made investments in new frontier and emerging markets. AFS is the leader in financial technologies solutions monitoring international developments and implementing such technological advancements in the MENA region.

Our Team

Our team and management have varied and wide range experience in Islamic Finance, Retail and Investment Banking, Fund Management, Asset Management, Brokerage, Cash Equities, FX & CFDs trading, Trade Finance, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Risk Management with a large network around the globe.

What we do

Being regulated by the DFSA, AFS advises and invests clients’ funds in multi diversified asset classes based on the customer profile, investment goals and risk appetite. Our diversified strategy helps offsetting the cyclical behavior of the markets. Our approach at AFS follows the below steps in order to provide the best tailor made service in the market:

Understanding your needs:

At AFS we spend quality time with our client before portfolio construction is commenced in order to assess client’s attitude towards risk. AFS understands that investors can be risk-averse or risk takers so AFS will help select an appropriate investment to reach the optimal portfolio.

Our experienced team will help educate the client in the portfolio construction process to offer the client different types and choices of investments as mentioned, but not limited to, below with the risk and reward.

Real Estate
Commodities: For investment and hedging
Fine Art
Forex and Cash Equity trading

Highlights of Our Products:

International Equity Stocks and Index Stocks funds
MENA and APAC stocks & ETFs
Fixed Income MENA, USA and APAC
Fixed Income Funds, Global
Emerging Markets Funds
Managed Forex Funds
Real Estate linked Managed Funds
Real Estate Investment Trusts linked Managed Funds
PE opportunities
VC opportunities
Physical Gold
Alternative Investments
Commercial FX
Structured Products
Arranging Credit

What makes AFS stand out – Alternative Investments:

In the last years the MENA region investors have seen phenomenal growth both in the real estate sector and the local financial markets. With declining oil prices, stagnating real estate prices, low interest rates and slower financial stock price increases, these abnormal returns are not part of the expectations of AFS.

Going the extra mile, AFS is engaging in VC/PE style approach that is still at its infant stage in the MENA region. Startup and PE infrastructure is improving daily. There are very few successful funds in the region, while there are a lot of great startups that can be fast turned around with small financial and managerial intervention yielding exceptional results upon exit.

Get in touch

For any questions, please feel free to contact us by mail.

  • Dubai International Financial Centre
    Al Fattan Currency House 2
    United Arab Emirates
  • +971 (4) 378 1654
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